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The best yachts of the season 2020



Renting a luxury yacht is an excellent solution for organizing an unforgettable vacation under the rays of the bright sun, with a breath of the sea breeze and perfect service at all levels. The company JETSET TRAVEL CLUB will help in choosing the right vessel, the optimal route, organizes the best leisure for you and your guests. A big family trip, a bright party with champagne and music, a meeting with key business partners begins with the choice of a charter broker, who will be our company. 

The rental price of the yacht is much lower than the purchase and maintenance of their own VIP-class vessel. At the same time, you will receive impeccable service and a wide selection of additional services. On board you will be met by hostesses, a skipper and a chef who will clearly carry out their work without violating your privacy. 

Before the trip, your personal manager from JETSET TRAVEL CLUB will help in resolving the following organizational issues.

1. The choice of a yacht in a given budget and according to the requirements. 2. Calculation of fuel consumption for a given route. 4. Leisure activities for travel guests. 5. You can create an individual menu and route, and we will take care of all the preparations for your holiday.

We offer yacht charter for family cruises, day trips, as well as for a full vacation in the company of friends. We always stay in touch with you and are ready to answer all your questions 24/7. 

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